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First, download the Starlink app on your smart phone, if you have not already. Now you are ready to take pictures for line of sight at your residence.

Next, take pictures due north with approximately a few degrees east and west, which should be taken with your house in the foreground and any tree obstructions in the background (or from the exterior wall). Additionally, take a few of your house with its surrounding areas. SEE EXAMPLE PICTURES.

Specify any special requirements such as networking, Wi-Fi extensions, relays to outbuildings, etc. This will help provide a more precise quote. Also let us know whether you have a Home, Roaming, RV, Best Effort or Commercial Starlink system. 

We carry all types of mounts, Ethernet adapters and 150’ cat-5e cables. Or customers can order the Starlink installation kit. 

SPECIAL NOTE: All new systems come with only a 50' Ethernet Cable. You'll need to order at least a 75' cable and if it's not needed, we'll buy it back from you. If you have any questions please give us a call at 703-753-8724

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